Simone Schiess studied photography at the School of the Museum of Fine Arts under the direction and guidance of professors such as Jim Dow, Claire Beckett, and many other Massachusetts based Artists. Simone has worked with the Boston Red Sox, KITnCo, Health Warrior, and Facebook. Her work has been published in Rock & Ice Magazine and was featured in the Flash Forward Festival Boston 2014. In collaboration with artist Brian Kane, Simone's photographs have been featured on Vice's The Creator's Project, Upworthy, and Huffington Post. 

With an extensive skill range and a knack for variety and adventure to fuel her passion,  Simone is available for events, weddings, portraits, products and alternative freelance work. If you are an artist/musician looking to collaborate on a project or in need of documentation of performance or other mediums, please reach out! As always, bartering services are available for artists, wellness professionals, and charitable organizations. 

Questions, comments, feedback, interested in working together? Shoot me an email at! I would love to hear from you! 

Hire Me! 

I love taking on new projects, helping start ups with media and marketing materials, capturing the love in engagement shoots and at weddings, photographing interesting events, and everything in between! Take me out of my comfort zone. Let's make some awesome art.

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