Why are Engagement Shoots Important?

They're FUN! 

When else will you get to dress up, run around with your loving partner somewhere totally beautiful and gorgeous, and get your picture taken while you make out!? They can be silly, adventurous, serious, sexy - really whatever you and your partner want to make of the shoot! 

PLUS! It's productive, as you'll likely use it for your save the dates ;)

Engagements let you get to know your (potential) Wedding Photographer! 

When looking to hire a wedding photographer, it's ESSENTIAL to do a shoot with them prior to your wedding, even if you aren't going to use the pictures for save the dates. This allows you to get to know your photographer and who they work in a more actionable way than just hiring them based on their portfolios. You're going to spend ALL of your wedding day with your photographer, so you have to make sure you vibe with them and their shooting style beforehand! Plus, a lot of photographers offer packages and discounts if you do an Engagement with them and then book them for your wedding! Oh, the perks! 

Get Rid of the Photo Jitters!

It's no surprise that you're looking at hiring a photographer based on their ability to make people look good. But ever think about how knowing your photographer beforehand can help you RELAX on your wedding day?! 

Generally during an Engagement shoot, the photographer's goal is to make you look the best without feeling awkward or making your cheeks hurt!  Wedding Photographers don't want that either! Booking an engagement shoot with your photographer will greatly help you relax when it comes to picture time and (HOPEFULLY) help you and your partner feel and look more natural in front of a camera! 

Got questions about Weddings!? 

During your engagement shoot you'll chat a LOT with your photog and you'll likely share a bit about your wedding ideas. Most wedding photog's have seen ALL different kinds of weddings and have great advice about timeline, places, pace of the day, etc! Booking that engagement shoot will also help wrap your brain around wedding planning, and give you access to a network of bands, florists, caterers, make up artists etc! Wedding Photographers are deeply tied to the industry and are happy to pass along recommendations for your wedding needs! 


Example Engagement from Simone Schiess Photography

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